Women Functional underwear

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It is very important to have a comfortable body feeling when playing sports and working out. The right functional underwear is essential for this feeling since it constantly touches your skin. The JAKO functional underwear for women keeps your muscles warm, transports moisture away to the outside of the fabric and gives you a pleasant body feeling on your skin.

The right fit if this sport underwear is very important. It needs to fit just right, not too tight and not to lose. Basically, like a second skin. Especially women need to wear the right bra when playing sports. The JAKO bra is that kind of bra. Its flatlock seams avoid rubbing and pressure marks on the skin and offer great support even during strenuous  exercises like jumping and running. Another great advantage of the functional underwear is the antibacterial effect of the functional fibres. This function prevents the growth of bacteria and the formation of unpleasant odours. The functional underwear for women is available in the size 34 to 44 or XS to L. This way each woman can find her perfect fit with the JAKO underwear. The JAKO functional underwear makes sure you feel and look great and helps you with playing at your personal best. Functional underwear for women is essential for all female athletes. Go get some for yourself.