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You need matching socks, foodies, running socks, sneaker socks or sport socks to complete your sporty outfit. The JAKO socks for children, women and men combine high-quality material with functionality and wearing comfort. Wet socks are very unpleasant. That is why socks made of cotton can absorb up to 20 % of their own weight in moisture. The high polyamide content supports this function and is easy to clean. When exercising like running or playing football it is normal for your feet to swell. The elastane content of the JAKO socks make sure that they fit at any time.
JAKO socks, footies, sneaker socks, running socks and sport socks are available in a great size variety. Starting at a small size 31 all the way to size 50 for large feet. Perfect for men. Classic colours like black, white and grey melange and the JAKO writing on the heel always look good. You can never have enough JAKO sports socks in your dresser. Whether you wear them for sports or in your free time, with its unique functionality the socks will do their job. At a great price the socks complete your outfit. Get an extra pair for you sports bag so you always have a clean pair of JAKO socks.