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JAKO sport accessories, towels, bath robes, sweatband, hairband and bath towel

Accessories are a daily companion. Whether it is a sweat band, hand or bath towel, it is an absolute must-have and essential for your sports equipment. During physical activity the JAKO sweat band made of a specific moisture absorbing material mix, perfectly absorbs the sweat. This way you will not get any seat into your eyes are wet palms and your focus can remain on your sporting activity. Despite being highly functional it also looks good. The hair stays out of your face and keeps your vision free. Afterwards playing hard it is always useful to have a towel. A great accessory no matter what size it is. Bath towel, and towel or both are great for drying off any kind of moisture and are constantly being used. JAKO accessories like towels, sweat bands or other small items simplify your life. Make sure you have all of them in your sports bag to enjoy your playing sports at any time.