Kids Flip-Flops

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Outdoor pool season begins as soon as May. That also means flip flop season has started. Whether it is at the pool, in the locker room or on the beach. When you look into your sports bag you see a real classic of the JAKO collection: the Jakolette II. It has achieved such a cult status that we can do no longer without.

The flip-flops from JAKO are part of any sports bag, bathroom, shower stall or anywhere you walk barefoot. The super comfortable slipper is great for walks on the beach or visiting the pool or sauna. A perfect accessory for women. Since it is such an all-rounder it is a must- have in any shoe closet. The flip-flops are very comfortable due to their pre-casted footbed. It almost feels like walking barefoot. Even when walking in wet areas like the shower or the locker room, the shower sandal with its non-slip PU sole will assure you a safe and tight fit. The timeless JAKO slipper is available in classic black with white stripes and the colour navy with white stripes. The great size range of the Jakolette II starts at 28-46. Everyone can find their size. Even children, kids and teenagers.

Go ahead and get the Jakolette II flip-flops and then off to training, a match or the fitness centre. The JAKO flip flop an accessory well used and needed.