Jerseys with tradition and the homeland on the heart: That's the new outfit of VfB Stuttgart

VfB's new jerseys are inspired by historical outfit and represent the homeland of the Stuttgart team.
Jerseys with tradition and the homeland on the heart: That's the new outfit of VfB Stuttgart

Together with VfB Stuttgart, we celebrate the unique identity of the boys from Cannstatt with four individual jerseys for the 2020/21 season, inspired by historical playing apparel and representing the home of the Stuttgart team with distinctive design elements.

The white home jersey with diagonal stripes in a jacquard structure brings the design of the playwear from the 1987/88 season back to the fabric. The red chest ring is narrower and placed higher this year. The town sign and the coordinates of the Mercedes-Benz Arena on the inner neck band refer to Bad Cannstatt, home of VfB.

The defining element of the away jersey is a stylised city map that stands out against the black fabric. Its colours, red and white, create a structure of horizontal stripes that is based on the outfit from the 1997/98 season. The location of the Mercedes-Benz Arena is positioned directly under the club emblem and thus on the heart of the wearer. As with the home jersey, the town sign and the coordinates of Bad Cannstatt are placed in the inner neck band.

The goalkeepers will also play in individual outfits for their return to the Bundesliga. The yellow keeper jersey alludes to the colours of FV Stuttgart 1893 and the crown club Cannstatt. The print on the fabric is based on the emblems of the founding clubs of VfB and the structure of the cuffs traces the cover of the first VfB statutes. The purple jersey is the counterpart to the black outfield players' jerseys with a city map and uniform colour finishes.

The jerseys are available now at www.jako.de, in the VfB online shop and from specialist sports retailers in sizes 116 - 164 and S - 5 XL and at a price of €79.99 (children: €59.99). Home and away jerseys are available in a waisted ladies' cut in sizes 34 - 44. The jerseys will also be available for sale from Monday, 3 August at 10 a.m. at the VfB Fan Centre and the Fan Shop in Breuningerland Ludwigsburg.